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This amazing expansion was made possible thanks to a series of measures:

  1. the formation of a pioneering technical department manned by a pool of highly trained engineers permanently occupied in developing new solutions and improving and updating existing products;
  2. the setting up of a team of marketing specialists where market demands orient design choices in terms of type as well as form and design;
  3. the creation of production synergies with garages and local companies to rapidly make new projects a reality, with maximum focus on the finish.

It’s no secret that TOPAUTO often outsources its production to various sites throughout the country, but the experience built up by its directors has led to its achievement of the very best of MADE IN ITALY, guaranteeing the highest quality standards where each operating unit uses its best know-how and equipment.
This type of organisation has enabled TOPAUTO to offer state-of-the-art, efficient, attractive, user-friendly, well-designed articles at extremely competitive prices, something which would have been impossible to achieve with the dated Italian production systems.