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The TOPAUTO project goes beyond the product concept, something which is assumed as a given, there being nothing in the TOPAUTO catalogue which is not of the highest, guaranteed quality, but embraces SERVICE and ASSISTANCE, analysing TRENDS and UPDATING its models.

Using its in-depth knowledge of the market, TOPAUTO's aim is to "facilitate the life of its clients". That's why TOPAUTO promises:

1) good manufacturing, meeting the needs of the market in question, as said earlier,
2) to respond to clients within a maximum of 4 hours of receiving their request, whatever it may be,
3) to respond to clients in their own language (the following languages are currently spoken in TOPAUTO's commercial department: Italian, French, English, German, Rumanian, Hungarian,   Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Slovakian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili),
4) to satisfy clients’ requirements as far as possible through modifications and improvements responding to real market demands,
5) to provide clients with every type of technical support: instruction manuals, technical or service manuals, continual assistance by telephone, internet or Skype,
6) to visit clients not just to tell them about new articles but also to perform technical product demonstrations.

These and many other services are what make TOPAUTO the ideal partner for joint commercial endeavours and for tackling the car servicing market with confidence, sure of being able to count on a responsible company, fast at finding solutions, which understands the client's needs.