Model RR2200DUAL is a fully automatic air-conditioning, recycling station, able to simultaneously handle 2 gases. 

If in doubt, this is the A/C station for you: in fact while the increasing diffusion of the new gas R1234YF makes it tempting to buy specifically designed air-conditioning recycling stations, its use is not yet universal, with the RR900DUAL you can cater to both.
That's why in this case RR2222DUAL is your best choice.
Contains 2 self-heating 12 kg cylinders and 2 pairs of connectors to minimise contamination between the two gases.
Also perfect for hybrid systems, the RR2222DUAL has a big and bright display. With the new gas HFO1234YF is included a 
printer and a keyboard for entering date

Weight 90 Kg
Ways of Working Automatico
Vacuum Pump 100 lt/m
Tank Capacity 2X 10 Kg
Compressor Capacity 400 gr/1’
Dimensions 59x61x112H
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