Web TOP Company EngineerIn the distant years ‘ 80 began its own production of Centrafari, oil aspirators, gas aspirators and various testers that we can still see today sold with great efficacy on all world markets, slightly modified compared to the initial projects, The efficiency of the products and the projection of the first projects have resisted the markets to date, satisfying car mechanics from all over the world. These products have been sold for years to large companies that have proposed them with their own brand, for subsequent developments in the market has decided the birth of Topauto EQUIPMENT, a modern firm, flexible, with a strong own identity. It was necessary to intervene by carrying out a production program increased compared to that of the past years, proposing new product ranges, expanding to recycling stations for air conditioning in different models, gas analyzers, opacimeters, generators Nitrogen, wheel washer machines, tyre-tyre equipment, testers for injectors of all kinds and above all an innovative diagnostic tool for cars, trucks and motorcycles unique in its kind.

Topauto has a complete catalog of equipment for car repair.