The idea and its development

This surprising development was made possible by a series of actions:

1) formation of an avant-garde technical office where a pool of specialised engineers works every day both in search of new solutions, and at the constant improvement of existing products and updates. 2) Establishment of a staff of marketing specialists where the needs of the market direct the company choices both on typologies and forms and design.. 3) Creation of productive synergies with workshops and territorial companies to obtain the realization of the new projects in a short time and with the utmost care of the finishes.

It is not a secret that often topauto availing of third-party workshops, located at different points of the Italian territory, but the experience achieved by its managers has led to obtaining the best MADE in ITALY, guaranteeing a quality production where each Operating units work using the best of their knowledge and means. This system of organization of Topauto can propose avant-garde articles, efficient, cared for, with appealing lines, easy to use, at an absolutely competitive price, in short, everything that was impossible to achieve with the old Italian production systems.