The SPEED 2000 of Topauto is the machine for the perfect maintenance of automatic transmission of cars of any brand. The result of years of experience in the field allows the mechanic to work in total safety and rapidity with certainty of the perfect final result. Speed 2000 is a totally automatic machine, which guides the inexperienced operator step by step, warns in case of anomalies giving a complete description and allows a great saving of time, energy and money.

Top Auto also guarantees the total production in Italy with high quality components.
The SPEED 2000 is a very robust machine, made entirely of painted steel, with solid display and keyboard suitable for intensive use in the workshop.

Speed 2000 can also be used as a diagnostic tester, because its software allows to identify if there are problems on the change even before starting the washing procedure and oil change.


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 66 × 55 × 117.5 cm