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Speed 950

Speed 950

SKU: T02.003.00

Manual ATF machine.




Optional multi-brand fittings

Manual flow reversal

Manual oil filling and draining

Automatic level management

Manual additive insertion

Fixed speed pump

Sintered filter with magnet

Double flow meter

  • ATF machine Speed 950

    It is the machine for the perfect maintenance of automatic gearboxes for cars of any brand. The result of years of experience in the sector allows the mechanic to work in total safety and speed with certainty of the perfect final result. Speed 950 is fully automatic, able to guide even the most inexperienced operator step by step: each phase is shown on the alphanumeric display together with the estimated remaining time for the completion of the operation and in the event that anomalies should occur, a sound will give notice. This station can also be used as a diagnostic tester, its software allows you to identify any malfunctions on the gearbox even before proceeding with the washing and oil change operations. TopAuto also guarantees total production in Italy with high quality components. The Speed 950 is a very sturdy machine, totally made of painted steel, with the usual display and keyboard suitable for intensive use in the workshop.

  • To each car its connection.

    The widespread diffusion of cars with automatic transmission is a well-established phenomenon. Automatic transmission flushing (ATF) stations are therefore the key to new opportunities for dealerships and gearbox specialists. Our research department monitors the car market every day to continuously update on new connectors and adapters. Today TopAuto has a complete set of about 10 connectors, probably the widest range of connectors on the market. Each connector is made of metal and not plastic, to ensure a long life and to guarantee fluid tightness even after several months of use. From month to month TopAuto increases the number of fittings and connectors to provide maximum completeness to the requests of mechanics in each country.

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