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TopAuto Attrezzature per autofficina

TopAuto Equipment.

The future of your workshop is here.

Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturer

TopAuto Customer Care


Customer Care.

Our specialized team is always ready to help you with any problem. It is possible to contact our technicians by phone or by e-mail.

We have also introduced a Live Chat , created specifically to provide operators with immediate support in case of need.

TopAuto technicians will intervene to better manage any interventions to be done on the machines, to carry out the correct maintenance and restart the machine.

We periodically offer operators and maintenance technicians specific training courses on the use of the purchased machines.

TopAuto Custom Solutions

TopAuto machines can be customized with the colors, graphics and logos of your company. We can agree on every detail of the production, from the internal components to the external appearance of the machinery. We strive every day to offer you the highest quality, our research and development department works daily to develop new technologies and find solutions that can increase your productivity as well as the quality of your work.

Custom solutions
TopAuto WorldWide



We offer high quality products and services, but there are many other aspects to consider in order to satisfy the customer. Our logistics department is among them. Shipping to Europe and the world from Italy is not so simple and there are many aspects to take into consideration. Just think of the customs forms, shipping costs, delivery times and, last but not least, which courier to choose for your international shipments. TopAuto has more than twenty years of experience in foreign trade, our logistics center is always ready to find an optimal solution for your orders, so you no longer have to worry about national or international shipments.

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