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  • The easy and powerful fume extractor.

    With a capacity of 2000 cubic meters/hour and a 1.1 Kw motor, FAN 2000 is able to extract fumes up to a temperature of 150 ° C at a distance of 6.5 meters. Among its options we find the "Y" diverter with anti-crushing pipe to be used with double exhausts and the diverter to allow use on two different vehicles.

  • FAN 2000

    The FAN 2000 extraction kit is the perfect solution for extracting exhaust gas. It is equipped with a long lasting and very high-quality brushless turbine that produces a considerable suction volume with a high level of extraction power. The FAN 2000 extraction kit can be used on two workstations providing the user with maximum health protection. Easy to adjust and to install thanks to the flexible ducts. Equipped with a trolley, it can be easily transported. The FAN 2000 extraction unit is ready for use in less than 3 minutes.

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