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EB 380 Truck

EB 380 Truck

SKU: T08.004.00

Digital electric test bench for starter motors and alternators.




Engine power 10 hp

Charging rheostat 850 W / 14 V

Lower base

Motor inverter

12 V - 24 V alternators

Maximum alternator power 3500 W

Digital instrumentation

TE - SLA TRONIC tester

Starter motor tester

Starter motor tester with brake

Diode plate tester

  • Diagnosis bench for auto electricians.

    TopAuto electric test benches work universally on all starter motors and alternators on the market and are not replaceable with common self-diagnosis tools. Among the various versions available, EB 380 Truck is the solution dedicated to trucks under 7.5t, buses, tractors, earthmoving machinery and boats. It is able to operate on alternators, stators, rotors, diode plates, regulators and starter motors (test with no load and with brake). It is equipped with digital instrumentation, three-phase motor and inverter speed variator. Mainly intended for car dealerships, commercial and industrial vehicles, electronic car workshops and technical institutes.

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