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SKU: T04.008.11

High performance induction heater.


Data sheet (PDF)


Input power 13 kW - 16 A

Voltage 400 V / 3 PH + T 50

Frequency level 20 - 26 Khz

30 minutes working cycle

Cable length 8 meters

Tank capacity 20 liters

Cooling system

Heat exchanger

Membrane keyboard


Weight 120 Kg

  • What is induction heating?

    Induction heating is a contactless method that can be used to heat metals. The induction heater creates an alternating magnetic field which generates induced currents within the material. These currents generate heat.

    The absence of open flames makes work easier, while ensuring safety and cost savings. It allows you to work even near heat-sensitive parts. With TopAuto induction heaters, you can heat ferrous materials and aluminum quickly and safely: TopAuto heating systems will make your work better and faster.

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