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HBA 29 E

HBA 29 E

SKU: T03.005.01

High precision electronic headlight tester.


Product sheet (PDF)


Suitable for LED and XENON lights

Halogen headlight brightness control

Plexiglas optical lens

Digital luxometer

Alphanumeric display

Mirror visor

Laser pointing system (optinal)

Data collection by photodiodes

Autonomous power supply

Operating height 240 mm / 1260 mm

  • HBA 29 E

    HBA 26 D is the simple and modular headlight center for mechanics who intend to carry out precise calibrations without difficulty. This mechanical headlight center is equipped with numerical display, mirror viewer, high precision digital lux meter, adjustable panel from 0 to 4%.

    TopAuto technicians have designed HBA 26 D equipping it with a steel structure on wheels and a sliding system with precision self-lubricating nylon pads with a fixed base, all of which ensure strength and ease of movement on any surface. Among the optional equipment we find the laser viewer, the laser pointing system, the system for reading xenon / led headlights, the panel adjustable from -2% to 6%, the dust cover, the spacer, and the kit for scrolling.

  • Che sia alogeno, xenon o led non ha importanza.

    We offer the widest range of mechanical and electronic headlight testers for every need, always guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability. Our more than twenty years of experience in the field and the know-how accumulated over time, have allowed us to develop and innovate this product in response to the most varied needs of customers, in different countries of the world. Laser pointers, internal accelerometers and touch screen displays: these are just some many innovations we have made to our headlight testers in recent years. We have not overlooked any detail, which is why we have also focused on the less performing models in the range, updating sensors, improving the quality of materials and component reliability.



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