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Nitro PSA

Nitro PSA

SKU: T06.002.01

Nitrogen generator with filter system.




Minimum purity 95%

Flow capacity 1.2 Nm3 / h

Pressure 10 bar (145 PSI)

Activated carbon oil separator filters

Automatic condensate drain Air-nitrogen diverter

Outlet for external tank

Nitrogen outlet pressure gauge Visual control tool for filter

Michelin inflation gun 90 kg tank included

Dimensions 60 x 44 x 132 cm

Weight 75 Kg

  • Nitro PSA, with inflation and deflation system.

    The new range of TopAuto nitrogen generators uses permeable membrane technology for nitrogen production. Specifically designed to eliminate the typical problems of the use of cylinders, they guarantee good economic savings in the medium term. It can be used for the inflation of cars, buses and trucks ensuring a minimum purity of 95%.

    It is equipped with automatic condensate drain, air / nitrogen diverter, additional outlet for external tank, output nitrogen pressure gauge, visual control tool for filter clogging and a comfortable and functional Michelin inflation / deflation gun with pressure gauge and spiral hose of 8 mt.

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