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RR 1501 Bus

RR 1501 Bus

SKU: T01.004.23

AC station.


Data sheet (PDF)


Leakage control with alarm

Compressor capacity 600 gr/min

Tank capacity 30kg

Vacum pump 170 l/min

Oil injection with scale

Gas R134 and HFO1234YF

Multilingual database

4.7" touch screen display

Heating band

Status light

Upgradeable via USB

Hybrid car program

  • Specially designed for buses and trucks.

    The RR 1501 Bus is the climate charging station specially designed for buses, heavy vehicles and earthmoving machines. Thanks to an oversized 30 kg tank, a 600 g / min compressor and a 170 l / min vacuum pump, it is able to operate on large air conditioning systems. The RR 1501 Bus is also available with the Matik system, for fully automatic tap management.

  • Recupero, vuoto, riciclo e ricarica all-in-one

    TopAuto offers a new line of latest generation Full Automatic air conditioning charging stations. The new stations stand out for their modern design and their reliability. They are the result of careful research and years of experience; they are built with the best quality Italian components as well as with our technicians' care and expertise. All this in order to guarantee a simple and safe use to every mechanic. The new range for hybrid cars can be ordered for both R134A gas and for HFO1234YF.

  • Our integrated software: ClimaControl

    We have created an intuitive and easy-to-understand software: thanks to the summary of the work phases shown by ClimaControl, the operator will always be informed on the procedure progress of the , as well as on the estimated residual time for its completion. ClimaControl also allows you to use your RR Station remotely, through a smartphone (iOS / Android) or a PC (Windows / MacOS) you can view the same screens you see on your RR directly on your device in mirror screen mode and issue commands at a distance. Thanks to the high intensity RGB LED strip placed on the front shield, the operator can concentrate on other tasks while carrying out the automatic procedure. The RR2 Dualgas will automatically notify the operator at the end of the operation through the color LED strip and an acoustic signal.

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