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Brake lathe

Brake lathe

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Disc brake lathe.


OBD basic cable, 12v 2A battery charger, temperature probe, accelerometer sensor cable, battery power cable, USB cable, multilingual user manual, case with shaped sponges.

  • Our brake lathe.

    Our lathe for brake discs was born from the need to recondition the brake discs of motor vehicles directly on the vehicle. Its use is indicated when the operations of removal and subsequent assembly of the disc are too complicated as in off-road vehicles, or when there are problems of vibration on the brake pedal due to the phenomenon of "throttling", increasingly common even on new vehicles .
    The extremely low weight and dimensions make it easy to handle and practical to use. Furthermore, the independent adjustment of the tools, the automatic advancement in both directions, the electric limit switch, as well as the very complete standard equipment make it extremely versatile and usable on most of the cars on the road.

  • Simple and precise use

    Thanks to the fixing system of the lathe in place of the brake caliper, thus using the same holes and the same support surfaces, maximum work precision is guaranteed while maintaining the parallelism between disc and caliper and thus eliminating the problem at its root.

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